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Fasting is usually related to the month of Ramadan. Billions of Muslims around the globe get engaged in this declaration of religion that includes abstaining from food and drinks from dawn until dusk. Quite a few research have advised intermittent fasting has quite a few well being benefits together with weight reduction, lower blood strain and decreased ldl cholesterol.

Diabetic patients ought to consult the docs earlier than fasting in Ramadan, as repeated disturbances in diabetes control may end up in everlasting problems. Diabetic sufferers have the danger of low or high blood sugar, dehydration and typically acidosis (presence of elevated acids in the blood). However not all sufferers have comparable risks. Subsequently it is strongly recommended that each one diabetic sufferers should consult their docs and talk about their dangers.

Diabetic patients ought to be evaluated before the month of Ramadan to assess their bodily well-being, metabolic control and skill to fast. Diabetic schooling ought to embrace elements reminiscent of house blood glucose monitoring, dietary rules, and any therapeutic adjustments that could be needed.

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