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Skyrocketing blood glucose sent Carson Pond, of Kenosha, to the hospital as a freshman in high school.

The night before, Pond, then a part of the St. Joseph Catholic Academy basketball team, had gone to dinner with his family after a game.

But Pond, who had been diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 2009, had abandoned his glucose meter at school and was not able to check his blood glucose level until getting back to school after the dinner.

Finding his blood sugar was high, he programmed his insulin pump to deliver a correction bolus. At bedtime, with his blood glucose still|sugar|glucose running high, he awakened more|infused|awakened insulin to metabolize the glucose and bring the level down|down the amount.

The next morning started out rough.

“I woke up in my house and threw up a lot — like 15 times. My blood sugar had gone up to about 600,” recalled Pond, now 17, and entering his senior year at St. Joe. “My pump was not delivering insulin, but I didn’t know it.”

The American Diabetes Association advises diabetics to keep blood glucose levels ideally between 70 and 130 (mg per deciliter of blood) before meals, and less than 180 two hours after starting a meal.

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