Cycling for Weight Loss – How Biking Helped This Man Lose 200 Pounds

Quick said his ultimate goal is to crack 200 pounds and eventually compete in a triathlon. But for now, he’s happy helping others kickstart their own weight-loss transformations on two-wheelers. He often pokes around in bicycling forums and offers words of encouragement to riders hoping to shed their own spare tires, sharing the advice that inspired him when he was first starting out: “Just get out there and ride.”

If you can manage two miles today, he’ll tell them, try three next week. Then, go for four after that. “Mostly, I want people to know that they shouldn’t let their size keep them from doing new things in life,” he said. “For so long, that was me, until I got fed up and decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore. So I got on a bike. And then I just kept going.”

* * *

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