Cycling for Weight Loss – How Biking Helped This Man Lose 200 Pounds

That was the day Big Chris began to outgrow his nickname.

Quick quickly fell in love, immersing himself deeply in the world of bikes: how to ride them, fix them, and even build them. He spent hours at a time falling down YouTube and Reddit rabbit holes, acquiring all the information he needed to gear up, gain endurance, and replace the pesky parts that occasionally fell apart.

“Sure, I broke some spokes here and there because of my weight,” he said. “But that’s a $30 fix. And I wasn’t going to let $30 keep me from living a better life.”

As the miles increased, the pounds disappeared. Quick was fitting in 20-mile rides after work every weekday and rapidly dropping pants sizes in the process. Within a few months, he was down 50 pounds. Before long, 100. His reward: a decidedly faster Trek 8.4 DS, to satiate his need for speed. “It made me feel like I was flying,” he said. Still, he had his eyes on an even bigger prize.

When Quick found himself approaching 275 pounds earlier this year—he credits a strict adherence to the ketogenic diet for aiding in his weight loss—he knew he’d soon make it under the rider weight limit for a carbon bike, or more specifically, a 2018 Trek Domane SL 6 Disc. After clearing the benchmark in June, he pulled the trigger. “It’s just beautiful,” Quick said of his new ride.

In two years, Quick has lost more than 200 pounds. He no longer has to specially order 6XL-size shirts for work (he’s a 2XL now), or steer clear of carnival rides because he couldn’t fit in the seats, or huff and puff when he gets in and out of cars. “Everything just feels easier,” he said. Call him Medium Chris.

Chris Quick

Courtesy Chris Quick

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