Cycling for Weight Loss – How Biking Helped This Man Lose 200 Pounds

They all used to call him “Big Chris.” But Chris Quick, now 33, hated Big Chris.

Sure, it seemed like a fun nickname for someone with his frame. By the time Big Chris hit the sixth grade, he was six feet tall and 200 pounds. When the high school football coach in his Montana town took one look at him, he saw someone who could push around other massive young men in the trenches of the gridiron. The coach was stunned he’d have to wait three years to add Big Chris to the team.

Eventually, Quick fulfilled his nickname, as a wide-shouldered, thick-necked, big-bellied lineman, even though he didn’t care much for football. When he started college at North Dakota State University, he hung up his cleats and fell victim to the affliction that affects so many freshmen: college weight gain.

In his case, however, he packed on 50 extra pounds instead of the traditional 15. No matter; that was Big Chris.

Chris Quick, before his transformation.

Courtesy Chris Quick

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