Couple lost 70kg together via weight loss coaching

“I only have 10kg to go now until I reach my goal weight,” says Tanya.

“I am sitting at 78kg … I have lost 43kg and David has lost 30kg.

She believes it helped having her husband do the program with her, as “we are always helping keep a check on each other”.

The program is a $500 one-off cost. It was an extra $50 for David to sign up too, under their “buddy deal” which allows you to bring someone along for $50.

“It’s the best $500 I have ever spent,” says Tanya.

“The way I feel now, I would have paid $5000 for it.”

It’s a 10-week online program but Tanya insists they “don’t give up on you” once that period is over.

“You have a coach, and someone else on your team who is a support to you as well, offering encouragement. You can ask them any questions at all, and they give you tips and advice on how to stay on track.”

They also provide a list of foods to help you monitor your carbohydrate intake — a key part of the weight-loss program.

“For example, I am aiming for 60g of carbs a day, and this sheet with the value of the different carbohydrates helps you with that”.

She insists that she has never been hungry on her new eating program, thanks to the fact that it includes two snacks in the morning, two snacks in the afternoon, and two snacks after dinner.

“They encourage you to eat every hour-and-a-half. I am a bit OCD, so I set my alarm for 90 minutes and after lunch I have a couple of pieces of cheese, and then 90 minutes later I might have some ham and then 90 minutes later it’s dinner time.”


Breakfast: iced coffee, toast (sometimes four pieces)

Snacks: none

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