Couple feed on the ‘energy of the universe’ and only eat three times a week

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'Breatharian' couple feed on the 'energy of the universe' and only eat three times a week
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Meet Akahi Ricardo, 36, and his spouse, Camila Castello, 34.

They stay between California and Ecuador, are mother and father to two youngsters, and have been married since 2008. Additionally they occur to be ‘breatharians’ – which means they like to stay off the ‘power of the universe’ as an alternative of normal meals.

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The couple say they only eat meals round 3 times every week (yep, 3 times, which means three meals of vegetable broth or fruit. Not three days) and claim to have previously gone three years without eating something.

Akahi and Camila first discovered breatharianism via a good friend whereas travelling in South America.

They’d been vegetarians for years, then switched to a uncooked, vegan weight-reduction plan earlier than consuming only fruit. In 2008, they went by way of a 21 day breatharian course of, which includes consuming nothing except air for seven days, adopted by some water and diluted juice for the subsequent seven days, and extra diluted juice and water for the final week.

'Breatharian' couple feed on the 'energy of the universe' and only eat three times a week
(Picture: Information Dog Media)

‘It led us to explore the breath and its presence inside our lives, displaying us that we might easily be with out meals so long as we had air,’ stated Akahi.

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