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‘Counting On’ Jinger Duggar Vuolo shows weight loss, pregnancy in no-no leggings

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Mrs. Jinger #Duggar Vuolo stated she was going to issues her means, starting in a whirlwind “courtship 2.zero” with now-husband Jeremy Vuolo. The “Counting On” star continues to push the envelope sporting pants and now very revealing leggings which confirmed potential weight loss and a possible being pregnant. Fans are involved that the ex “19 Youngsters and Counting” star is pregnant and dropping pounds. Some blame Jinger’s fat-shaming mother and father, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Jinger Duggar reveals all in no-no Lularoe

It wasn’t Mrs. Vuolo’s modest Amelia Lularoe gown that turned heads however her peek-a-boo leggings and too-cute wedges beneath. For the typical 20-something, this may be frumpy attire, but for the “Counting On” star it’s sinful and worldly.

TLC mother and father Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar preach modesty with a vengeance. They don their “19 Kids and Counting” in the regulation-homeschool ankle-length denim skirts, white tennis footwear, and all-enclosing tops.

No hiding Jinger’s child bump

“19 Youngsters and Counting” followers are dying to see Jinger Vuolo pregnant. And Jinger’s ensemble gave rise to further hypothesis. Clad in a decent gown, people have been positive that Jinger and Jeremy are “Counting On” a baby. Apparently, on the subject of showing clothes, sister Jessa Seewald preaches militant modesty. But she showed off her child bump on Instagram, boldly sporting skin-tight, sleeveless swim shirt and board shorts. What would mom Michelle Duggar need to say about that?

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