Commercial nutrient extractors can lower spikes in blood glucose levels, study claims

Juice prepared using a Nutribullet 600 nutrient extractor resulted in a 50% reduction in blood sugar levels compared to whole fruit consumed.

The team from Plymouth University believes this may offer a dietary alternative enabling consumption of normally dietary-restricted fruit juice.

“Even though everyone seems to be using them these days, no one had looked at the effect of fruit juice prepared using a nutrient extractor on blood sugar levels,” ​said lead study co-author Dr Gail Rees from the School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences at the University of Plymouth.

“We were just curious to see how it would compare to the whole fruit.

Blenders homogenize, juicers remove

The increasing popularity of ‘nutrient-extractor’ style blenders in the UK suggests that the public, as well as patients already exhibiting risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM), are consuming fruit in a new way for which the health risks remain unclear.

Unlike traditional juicers that remove the pulp leaving only the juice, these blenders homogenize the whole fruit without removing elements such as the fibre-rich skin.

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