Color-Changing Tattoos Could Help Millions Monitor Their Health in Real-Time

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A collaboration between MIT and Harvard has yielded a captivating new strategy to monitor dynamic ranges in blood using color-changing tattoo ink. Although the workforce has no plans to pursue medical trials, the know-how might foreshadow the way forward for blood degree monitoring.

The Tattoo Check

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School have developed a tattoo ink that could provide real-time updates on the body’s health. By making ink that responds to interstitial fluid — the liquid during which our cells are suspended — the researchers have discovered a singular option to monitor blood glucose, sodium, and ph ranges.

The thought of the DermalAbyss undertaking is that an individual would have the ink tattooed onto their physique within the sample of their choice. The tattoo would then change shade in response to the quantity of the activating agent present. A tattoo utilizing the ink designed to answer glucose levels, for example, would change shade from blue to brown as the individual’s blood sugar degree rises.

A Medical Pores and skin Interface

The know-how is an ingenious interplay of the body-art, medical, and bio-sensor sectors. Whereas the researchers have no fast plans to release their ink to the public, the potential of the venture is large, and others might probably explore and broaden upon it sooner or later.

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