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Color-changing tattoos aim to monitor blood sugar, other health stats

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For a lot of people with diabetes, preserving tabs on blood sugar daily is dear, time-consuming and invasive, but researchers at MIT and Harvard are exploring a artistic new strategy that would in the future help make things easier: biosensing tattoos.

The scientists have developed special tattoo ink that incorporates chemical compounds that may sense blood sugar levels, pH, and sodium. When blood sugar goes up, for instance, the glucose sensing ink modifications from blue to brown. When a person’s salt ranges improve, the sodium sensing ink becomes a more vibrant inexperienced beneath UV mild. When alkaline levels shifts, a pH sensor modifications from purple to pink.

The DermalAbyss ink – nonetheless in what scientists call the “proof-of-concept” stage – alters its hues in response to modifications in the fluids inside a person’s physique, MIT Media Lab researcher Xin Liu informed CBS News. It literally becomes an interactive show.

“Individuals with diabetes e mail us and say, ‘I need to attempt it out,’” Liu stated. 

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