COA FS is immune booster, not replacement for antiretroviral drug

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Government President of the Centre of Consciousness has stated regardless of the excessive efficacy of COA FS, it must be taken as a food supplement and never an alternative to the anti-retroviral drug.

.Dr Ato Duncan’s admonishing comes on the again of studies that the high efficacy of COA FS in boosting the immune system has led to some persons dwelling with HIV/AIDS ditching their anti-retroviral therapies.

Though Dr  Duncan notes that the veracity of the claim is questionable,  he indicates that it was necessary for the Centre of Awareness to clear the air of any misconception.

“We’ve little question that an over-zealous member of employees or agent may need given a fallacious impression that the COA FS has therapeutic capacity; but at no time has the Centre intentionally, formally or otherwise knowledgeable the public that the COA FS might be used for therapeutic purposes,” he stated at a press conference on Thursday.

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