patient getting checked for diabetic neuropathy

Can diabetic neuropathy be reversed?

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Diabetic neuropathy refers to nerve injury brought on by diabetes.

Neuropathy is a standard condition impacting 60 to 70 percent of adults with diabetes. Nevertheless, it primarily considerations those with uncontrolled blood sugar levels or those who have had diabetes for greater than 25 years.

The nerve injury brought on by diabetic neuropathy is irreversible however there are methods to reduce symptoms and stop further harm.

What is diabetic neuropathy?

patient getting checked for diabetic neuropathy
Neuropathy mostly impacts the ft and legs, causing pain and numbness.

Diabetic neuropathy is a household of progressive nerve issues associated to sort 1 and a couple of diabetes.

Though analysis continues to be happening on such a nerve injury, docs assume that blood sugars might injury nerve cells by impairing nerve fibers and decreasing or confusing signaling.

Nevertheless, nerve injury is more likely to be brought on by a mixture of factors, reminiscent of how the immune system features, genetics, smoking, or alcohol use.

Neuropathy may cause a variety of symptoms, including ache, lack of sensation, numbness, tingling, and muscle weak spot.

Although neuropathy can occur wherever there are nerves, it tends to have an effect on the legs and ft.

Those with diabetic neuropathy are likely to:

  • have poor blood sugar management
  • be over the age of 40
  • be obese or overweight
  • have excessive cholesterol
  • have high blood pressure
  • have had diabetes for at the least 10 to 25 years, depending on the severity


Diabetic neuropathy is usually divided into four categories depending on which nerves are affected.

Peripheral neuropathy

Nerve injury that impacts the power of the peripheral nerves to sense things, comparable to temperature and contact.

Peripheral neuropathy most commonly impacts the arms, arms, legs, ft, and toes, typically inflicting ache or loss of feeling. It’s the most typical type of diabetic neuropathy.

Proximal neuropathy

Nerve injury leading to ache within the hips, thighs, pelvis, and buttocks. Muscle weak spot and pain in the legs are also a standard symptom of proximal neuropathy.

Focal neuropathy

Injury to a selected nerve or group of nerves anyplace in the body. Focal neuropathy typically causes intense, sudden muscle weak spot, pain, and loss of feeling.

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