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Breatharian couple claim they live a ‘food-free’ lifestyle and haven’t felt hungry since 2008

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Research have proven the well being advantages of temporary durations of fasting, but one couple is making the bizarre declare that they have discovered to outlive largely with out meals and are as an alternative sustained by “cosmic nourishment”.

Camila Castello, 34, and Akahi Ricardo, 36, are what is called “Breatharians”. They are saying they eat simply 3 times every week, with each ‘meal’ consisting of only a piece of fruit or some vegetable broth.

Such claims have attracted equal measures of ridicule and alarm prior to now. 

Breatharianism has been linked to the deaths of a number of individuals, including Verity Linn, a 49-year-old Australian whose emaciated body was found on a mountain in north-west Scotland in 1999, alongside a diary recounting her 21-day fast and a replica of a e-book by the founding father of Breatharianism, generally known as Jasmuheen.

Born in Australia as Ellen Greve, Jasmuheen has herself warned of the risks of life with no or very food.

“If an individual is unprepared and not listening to their inside voice there may be many issues with the 21-day course of, from extreme weight reduction to even lack of their life,” she wrote in one in every of her books.

Jasmuheen took part in a monitored quick for Australia’s 60 Minutes information programme in an try and show her claims, but the present’s docs minimize brief her try and last seven days after she turned dehydrated, lost weight and her speech began to slow.

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