Breaking Down the Silence of Diabetes

Further, while type 2 Diabetes involves insulin resistance, Type 1 is characterized by the body’s inability to produce it at all. To put it simply, Glucose feeds the body’s cells but to get to the cells it needs an access card and that access card is insulin. In Type 2 patients this access card is faulty, whereas Type 1 patients have no access card whatsoever. Taking insulin via injections or through Insulin pump is the only way to deal with Type 1 diabetes.However, educating oneself about the disease, especially parents, when it comes to Type 1 is a great way to ensure early detection. Making early lifestyle changes and administering external insulin in the advanced stages, can lead to a fuller and normal life. Especially if you are ready to educate yourself about the disease, it’s risks and management.

Yes, there is a lot of information out there but where does one start?

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