Before and After Healthy Weight Gain

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UNHEALTHY MINDSET vs. HEALTHY MINDSET 🤔❎✅ . I think we can all agree that there is NO right or wrong way to look. 🙌🏼 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some of my most STUNNING friends are totally not defined by the number that is in their labels.👚👖👙 . . In my personal training session this morning, (and I’m sure my PT won’t mind me pointing this out👌🏼..), he asked me how much I weighed, to give me a bit of a challenge on our squat sesh 💃🏼 . And I declared ALL 60KG of me with as much gusto as I could muster!!! 📯😬💪🏼💪🏼 . However, if he’d had asked the person on the left how much they weighed, around 18 months ago, she probably would have sprinted away from the gym crying 😟😶🏃🏼‍♀️ . The point I’m making is don’t presume that everyone is always 100% OK with their self image, or most importantly with their mental health & wellbeing 🙏🏼 BUT also, numbers whether it be clothes size or KGs are irrelevant as long as you feel good!! ☀️ . I am the BEST I’ve ever been in my head space, and that’s why I feel comfortable sharing this on my page✨. . . But spread a little love & positivity on this hotttt weekend! 💛 Because you never know who’s day you might literally brighten 😘😉😘 . #wellbeing #comparison #mentalhealth #bodypositivity #sharethelove #happyfriday #sunshineandwaffles

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“My fitness motivation has never actually been about numbers,” British fitness blogger Maxine said in an Instagram caption. On this current publish, she shared the pain that came with hitting her lowest weight and how that point was fraught with nervousness. She had reached this level after she “came out of a difficult and mentally exhausting relationship,” at which point she stated, “I ate little or no food, my physique was weak, I might work out on the health club for hours at a time with very little gasoline. I received to such a low weight that my very own mum refused to talk to me, as she would get so upset. I might sweat crazy quantities at night time as a result of my physique was so hungry.”

At the moment, she notes that she’s happier than ever and at her healthiest weight yet. She’s so snug together with her present weight that she “declared [it] with as a lot gusto as I might muster” to her coach, and now does not let the kilos (or kilograms, in this instance) outline her — she assesses her health based mostly on her happiness and psychological well being, which she finds by means of a more balanced and wholesome way of life.

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