Artificial pancreas achieves glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes says study

Summarising the results, the researchers said: “The mean (±SD) percentage of time that the sensor glucose measurement was in the target range was 65.8±16.8 per cent in the closed-loop group and 41.5±16.9 per cent in the control group, a difference of 24.3±2.9 percentage points (95 per cent confidence interval [CI], 18.6 to 30.0; P<0.001); values above the target range were found in 23.6±16.6 per cent and 49.5±22.8 per cent of the patients, respectively, a difference of 25.9±3.4 percentage points (95 per cent CI, 19.2 to 32.7; P<0.001).

“The mean glucose level was 154 mg per deciliter (8.5 mmol per litre) in the closed-loop group and 188 mg per deciliter (10.4 mmol per litre) in the control group (P<0.001). There was no significant between-group difference in the duration of hypoglycemia (as defined by a sensor glucose measurement of <54 mg per decilitre; P=0.80) or in the amount of insulin that was delivered (median dose, 44.4 U and 40.2 U, respectively; P=0.50). No episode of severe hypoglycaemia or clinically significant hyperglycaemia with ketonemia occurred in either trial group.”

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