Are low-protein diets safe for diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease? – Medical News Bulletin

Low-protein diet improves diabetes and blood urea levels

They enrolled 197 chronic kidney disease patients in this study, including 81 who also had diabetes. They selected some patients to undergo a low-protein diet supplemented with ketoacids, along with nutritional consultation and dietician support. These patients underwent at least six months of the diet, and the researchers made clinical observations at multiple time points.

They observed that the low-protein diet could lower resting blood sugar levels in patients that had diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Furthermore, levels of blood urea, a type of waste product that is normally filtered out through the kidneys, significantly decreased in diabetic and non-diabetic patients who were on the diet. Lastly, the authors of this study observed that there was a sudden decline in body weight, without affecting muscle mass or fitness, which was maintained throughout the study period as a result of the diet.

Safe and effective for diabetic chronic kidney disease patients

Overall, this study found that the low-protein diet, administered by a professional dietician, is safe in patients with diabetic chronic kidney disease in terms of their nutritional status. Moreover, the diet provides beneficial impacts, such as a lower body weight and a reduced accumulation of waste products in the blood, in both diabetic and nondiabetic patients.

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