Apple cider vinegar weight loss claims may be legitimate

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Bryant Stamford, Special to the Courier-Journal

6:50 a.m. ET June 15, 2017


Apple cider vinegar—or “ACV,” as it’s referred to as among lovers—is having its superfood moment

In terms of well being points, too typically we ignore the mountain of details staring us in the face, and choose as an alternative an implausible answer that we hope is quicker and easier only to seek out that it was a fool’s errand with no probability for fulfillment. That is the case with weight reduction, and we buy the newest fad weight-reduction plan guide, Dr. Flim Flam’s Get Skinny Overnight Food regimen, hoping to drop 30 kilos of body fats in one month. Sadly, we lose principally muscle and water weight, and in consequence we really feel terrible, our immune system is compromised, we look worse than once we began, and we find yourself fatter in consequence.

(NOTE: Your proportion of physique fats is the ratio of fat weight to lean weight. In case you lose muscle and water (lean weight) your % fat goes up, although you drop some pounds.)

So it was with this mindset that I learn a query from a reader who has struggled to drop some pounds and hold it off. She asked my opinion of apple cider vinegar as a great way to shed weight. My first impulse was to trumpet a healthy diet and day by day train and to inform her to overlook such foolish options. However as I spoke to my spouse, Anita (a nutritionist and registered dietitian), about this, she advised me of some credible research I ought to look into before responding.

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Dutifully, I took her recommendation, aware of a current episode in my favourite caricature, Blondie. Dagwood’s son asks him, “Dad, why don’t you and Mother ever argue?” Dagwood responded, “It saves time.” The son: “You mean as a result of Mother is all the time proper.” Dagwood: “Yes.”

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