Almonds For Weight Loss: Load Up On These Nuts To Lose Weight

Why not try using almonds for weight loss and keep a small packet of them handy for the times you feel hungry at odd hours. This way you will not feel like overeating and still feel fuller for long.

According to Nutritionist Ritesh, “the ideal number of almonds is about four to six per day. This is because almonds are calorie-rich and you can quickly rack up the calories. One important factor to remember while eating almonds is to ensure that you soak them. The skin of the almond has casein, which is what is used to make cyanide. The human body does not digest casein well.”

How To Choose Almonds For Weight Loss

Make sure you buy raw or roasted almonds and not salted or fried ones. You don’t want to pack calories instead of losing them. Prefer not to buy fried ones as they only rack up saturated fats that are not good for health. Add them in your morning cereals, yogurt or salads to ensure a healthy loss of weight.

Losing weight needs dedication and patience, which means that you also need to engage in regular exercises, eat a healthy and balanced diet and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Making almonds a part of your daily diet will only boost the weight loss journey. So, do not just depend on almonds for weight loss; instead make it a part of your dietary plan.