Almonds For Weight Loss: Load Up On These Nuts To Lose Weight

Almonds For Weight Loss

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, almonds may help you shed those unwanted pounds. Researchers found that people eating a diet rich in almonds lost more weight than those on a high-carb diet with the same number of calories. So, almonds are great for weight loss; do not shy away from sprinkling some of them on your salads or toss them in your breakfast cereals.

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Almonds for weight loss: almonds may help you shed those unwanted pounds

Here are some reasons why almonds should be trusted for weight loss:

1. High In Fibre Content

The skin of the almonds contain high amount of dietary fibre that helps in proper digestion of the food and result in healthy bowel movement. Undigested foods generally lead to acidity, bloating, et al. Moreover, fibre also keeps your tummy fuller for longer. Nutritionist Ritesh suggests soaking the almonds in water in order to remove anti-enzymes and make them healthier. The anti-enzymes prevent various minerals from being digested, which end up causing a deficiency.

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