Air pollution during pregnancy tied to high blood pressure in kids

Children in the group with the highest exposure to air pollution in the womb experienced PM 2.5 levels of 11.80 to 28.81 ug/m3 during the third trimester of pregnancy, the study found.

Kids with the lowest exposure had third trimester PM 2.5 levels of 3.79 to 9.57 ug/m3, well within the range permitted by the EPA.

Each 5 ug/m3 increase in PM 2.5 exposure in the womb was associated with a 3.39 percentile increase in what’s known as systolic blood pressure, the “top number” that represents the pressure blood exerts against artery walls when the heart beats.

Children were identified as having high blood pressure if their systolic blood pressure was in the highest 10 percent for kids the same age.

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