Adocia’s Double-Hormone Diabetes Treatment is Set to Enter Phase I Trial

Adocia is using the two hormones together along with its BioChaperone technology to maximize their therapeutic effect. The technology uses biopolymers that form molecular complexes with insulin and pramlintide. This increases their solubility, protects them from enzymatic degradation, and extends their time of action. As a result, the treatment can act faster and with greater efficacy at lower doses. Additionally, Adocia’s combination of insulin and pramlatide would reduce the number of daily injections required by delivering both drugs together.

The news follows ongoing tension between the French biotech and Eli Lilly. The two companies had been collaborating on diabetes treatments since 2014 with promising initial results. However, in 2017, Lilly pulled out of the agreement and left Adocia without a Phase III partner. Since then, the French firm has been seeking substantial damage payments. Moving its BioChaperone Pramlintide Insulin treatment through the pipeline could help Adocia further recover from the failed partnership with Lilly.

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