Adocia’s Double-Hormone Diabetes Treatment is Set to Enter Phase I Trial

The 24-patient study will compare the action of BioChaperone Pramlintide Insulin to either an injection of Eli Lilly’s insulin Humalog, or to two separate injections of Eli Lilly’s insulin Humulin and AstraZeneca’s pramlintida drug Symlin. The study will randomly assign participants to take one of the three treatments before eating a meal and compare the results.

In people without diabetes, blood sugar is regulated by a collection of hormones, including insulin and pramlintide. Insulin does this by signaling the liver to convert blood sugar into starch. Pramlintide, on the other hand, reduces blood sugar levels after a meal by making us feel full, slowing food moving from the stomach to the intestines, and decreasing the amount of sugar the liver produces. Using the two hormones together could be an effective means of regulating blood glucose levels.

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