Abbott Nutrition director predicts a ‘super nutritious pizza’

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Dan SchmitzAbbott Nutrition director of user experience and research and development Dan SchmitzAbbott Nutrition
  • We may someday get nutrients from “super nutritious pizza,” according to a nutritionist that develops meal-replacement shakes.  
  • This  may help change the diets of Americans who normally do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.
  • By “healthy” ice cream to nutrient shakes, these kinds of enhanced foods are already starting to emerge.

It is the classic lunch dilemma: Should you eat a  healthy salad, full of vegetables you are trying to convince yourself you like, or just cave and go for this delicious piece of pizza?

Someday soon, you might not need to forsake  nourishment to eat the foods you enjoy most.  

That’s at least according to one executive  in Abbott Nutrition, a company that makes products such as meal replacement shakes, protein bars, and infant formula.

Dan Schmitz, the corporation’s director of user experience and research and development, is in charge of “therapeutic nutrition”: food products people consume for medical reasons. He told Business Insider that his work has led him to believe that one day, instead of urging people to eat more superfoods like kale or brussels sprouts, we could make a “super healthy pizza.”

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