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A Google algorithm could help Indian diabetics avoid a disease that leads to blindness — Quartz

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One of the fastest rising causes of blindness around the globe is an eye fixed illness that’s virtually totally preventable.

Diabetic retinopathy is a situation that occurs amongst diabetics when excessive blood sugar levels injury the retinal blood vessels, main to complete imaginative and prescient impairment over time. The illness is a menace to those who have lived with diabetes for years, however it may be detected early and handled if patients are commonly screened.

Unfortunately, in India, which is house to over 69 million diabetics (as of 2015), common eye examinations aren’t straightforward to return by, notably outdoors huge cities. While access to even basic healthcare is troublesome, the issue is compounded by a critical shortage of trained ophthalmologists. So, some 45% of patients endure from vision loss before they’re even recognized with diabetic retinopathy.

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