A carb-rich diet intake may increase risk of cancer recurrence

WASHINGTON: Eating high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar during the year prior to treatment can increase the risks of head and neck cancer recurrence and mortality, a study has found.However, eating moderate amounts of fats and starchy foods such as whole grains, potatoes and legumes after treatment could have protective benefits, reducing patients’ risks of disease recurrence and death, said Anna E Arthur, a professor at the University of Illinois in the US.

Researchers tracked the pre- and post-treatment diets and health outcomes of more than 400 cancer patients.

Participants were followed for an average of 26 months after they were first diagnosed and treated for squamous-cell carcinoma of the head or neck.

Participants’ typical intake of food, beverages and supplements was assessed for the year prior to diagnosis and for one year post-treatment.

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