A 2-Week Holiday Health Kick Won’t Fix A Year Of Bad Habits

With the holidays upon us, the month of December brings a lot of awesome things holy and delicious, but with it comes a ton of nonsense in the health and fitness world. Article after article on how to not gain weight over the holidays and ridiculous healthy recipes for holiday food with substitutions for, well, good taste!

Let’s be absolutely honest for the sake of this blog: if you think for one second that “being healthy all year” and then spending two weeks during the holidays “eating all the treats” is what’s causing North America to be unhealthy, then the problem is denial — and those other 50 weeks a year.

Fifty-two weeks in a year, and most people go on a health kick that lasts for two of them. Our consistent daily habits are unhealthy, but we worry about a few days in December like we can save the year — by substituting the egg, the nog and the sugar for kale, chic peas and some never-before-seen, zero-calorie sweetener.

Bad information leads to poor habits

Let’s talk openly and honestly.

Our biggest problem with our health is who we look to as experts. We call registered dietitians and doctors crazy. Why? These experts tell us eating gluten and carbohydrates is OK, but instead we listen to the people with six packs telling us to run from carbs. (Those people look good, so they must be right!)

Your registered dietitian — not a nutritionist or holistic health coach — is going to explain serving size, calories and how the body works. Individuals carrying those other titles are examples of people who can take a weekend course or, worse, just call themselves those things, and say absolutely anything they want about food.

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