7 Foods That Prevent Sleep, But Only If You Let Them Steal Your Snooze

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At about 11 p.m. every night, long after dinner and just before bed, I often find myself hankering for a snack. Instead of settling for some chamomile tea, I usually want something rather heavy (read: nachos), or abundantly filled with chocolate. There is just something comforting about it, you know? However, rumor has it, a lot of foods prevent sleep|sleep is prevented by a lot of foods, and night eating|eating that is night|eating apparently isn’t all that|is good for you.

And certain heavier snacks –like those that I often crave and salivate over– are just bad for the quality of your snooze.

Elite Daily spoke   with naturopathic doctor Maria Geyman, who gives some insight about which foods will totally ruin your beauty sleep if you eat them just prior to bed. She reiterates that eating before going to bed really isn’t a good idea in general, because, while your body is supposed to be restoring, it becomes active with metabolizing instead.

But hey, we’re only human. Chances are, we’re likely|we going to sneak in a snack or two before|before it is time to close the lights|time|before it’s time to shut the lights|time in a snack or two|before it’s time to close the lights|time in two or a bite|in two or a snack before it’s time to close the lights|time. Be sure not to reach for one of these seven foods.

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