7 Delicious Keto Diet Foods To Make You Forget You’re Even Following A Diet

Starting a brand new food program can be daunting for a few reasons. Your body needs to adjust to the new schedule, so you might feel hungrier or thirstier than usual, and maybe even a little drained, as far as energy goes. But then there’s the whole food-shopping aspect of it all. Budgeting can be tricky initially, especially if you’re used to spending a certain amount each week, but experimenting with new foods can be a lot of fun. For example, there are a ton of tasty keto diet foods to add to your grocery list if you’re thinking of experimenting with this way of eating. I know, at first, the whole low-carb thing might sound restricting if you’re used to stocking up on bread and pasta, but there’s actually a wide variety of delicious items to add to your cart and revamp your pantry with.

Keto has become quite the buzzword around the health and wellness industry, but just in case you haven’t caught wind of this trendy food program, here’s what you need to know: According to Jessica Rosen, a certified holistic health coach and co-founder of Raw Generation, the ketogenic diet is “a high-fat, low-carb diet based around a metabolic process called ketosis that shifts the way the body metabolizes food for energy.”

So instead of looking to glucose (aka sugars found in carbs) as an energy source, your body will get fuel from fat storage. It’s a pretty popular way of eating for people looking to lose weight, but you’ll also reap a ton of health benefits from going keto, too, like higher energy levels, less brain fog, clear skin, and more.

Interested in going keto? Here are a few grocery list staples to get you started and keep you satisfied.

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