5 Times ‘Keto Guido’ Vinny Guadagnino Fell Off The Wagon

Getty ImagesAlberto E. Rodriguez

Even some of the most diligent dieters indulge in a cheat meal now and then—Vinny Guadagnino included.

The star of Jersey Shore—which is back on MTV Thursdays as Jersey Shore: Family Vacation—has undergone a stunning body transformation, losing 50 pounds and building a cut physique through exercise and the keto diet. (The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet is all about reaching ketosis, a mode in which your body is burning fat rather than carbs.)

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Guadagnino has even branded himself as a kind of keto guru with his @ketoguido Instagram account, showing off simple recipes and providing motivational tips for others interested in trying the keto diet. But he, too, falls off the wagon—often purposely. Here are the times Guadagnino cut corners around being the “keto guido.”

Digging into butternut squash

Guadagnino is the first to admit he’s “not perfect Keto.” In this meal, he pairs a bun-less double burger with sweet butternut squash fries. A cup of butternut squash contains 16 grams of carbohydrates, according to the USDA, which can make it tough to fit into a keto diet. “I try to live a #sugarfree #grainfree life as much as I can .. eat natural/real foods .. and cycle in and out of ketosis when I get super duper low carb,” he said. “If I feel like having butternut squash I’m gonna fuckin have a little.” Don’t get between Vinny and a gourd.

Drunkenly picking cheese off a pizza

Technically, this incident might suit Vinny’s keto lifestyle, but it was such an epic moment in Jersey Shore history. On one episode of Family Vacation, after the whole crew went out clubbing, they ordered a delivery pizza. Rather than forego his strict dietary standards, Vinny went all in… on just the cheese. Which prompted Ron to say Vinny was like a “pelican,” and Pauly D scolded, “Stop that shit and eat the crust.” (Jersey Shore family, never change.)

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