3 simple habits linked to weight loss

People looking to shrink their waistlines may want to adopt three simple eating habits to help them get there, new research suggests. The study tracked nearly 60,000 people and discovered that how fast they ate and the timing of their evening meal and snacks appeared to be significant factors in whether they ended up obese or managed to lose weight.

Specifically, eating more slowly, avoiding snacks after dinner, and not eating within two hours before going to bed were all linked to weight loss.

The researchers, who published their findings in the journal BMJ Open, said they set out to analyze “the effects of changes in lifestyle habits on changes in obesity.” 

They examined data on thousands of people with diabetes in Japan who submitted claims and had regular health checkups between 2008 and 2013, when measurements of their body mass index and waist circumference were taken. During the checkups, the patients also reported their lifestyle habits, including their eating and sleeping patterns, as well as alcohol and tobacco use.

Among other questions, the people were asked to report the speed at which they ate — categorized as fast, normal, or slow.

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