15% drop in body weight can lead to diabetes remission

People living with type-2 diabetes and obesity can reverse or put their diabetes into remission if they lose 15% of their body weight.

This even applies to the people who are on insulin and have poor diabetes control, according to the Irish Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (IrSPEN).

IrSPEN made its comments based on findings from a number of studies published in advance of European Obesity Day on Saturday.

They reveal that remission is possible in half of obese people with type-2 diabetes if they can lose 15% of their body weight. This is independent of starting body mass index (BMI), making it relevant to any diabetic classified as obese (with a BMI over 30).

“This year’s theme of the European Obesity day is ‘Tackling Obesity Together’ as it is now apparent that there is no single silver bullet, but rather that multiple approaches have to be used to optimally treat patients who have complications of obesity,” said Prof Carel le Roux of irSPEN.

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