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After going through the trauma of losing her first baby in her early 30s, Maggie Cieslak gained weight dealing with her grief and the medications she needed to take in order to try for a second pregnancy. Keep reading to hear her inspiring story of how she was able to have a second healthy baby, and then lose 11 kilos afterward.

Maggie: Before

Maggie was very active in her 20s and into her early 30s, going to the gym almost every day. But in her 30s, her life changed drastically after the loss of her premature baby boy in 2009. As you can imagine, she and her husband experienced a few extremely difficult years of grief.

After losing her first child, Maggie told POPSUGAR, “Staying fit and caring about my body in terms of working out suddenly became the last of my thoughts. I had to dig hard not to drown in grief and then stay strong to try a second pregnancy during which I took all sorts of preventive medicines (heparin, cortisone, progesterone and then insulin as I developed the pregnancy diabetes).” Thankfully, Maggie’s second pregnancy was successful, and she now has an almost 7-year old daughter.

Maggie shares, “During those tough years I gained a lot of weight and slowly started to think about my shape – I was approaching 40s and was thinking nostalgically about how my body looked before all these events happened.” In January 2015, “One day I had to run for few minutes to catch a train and I was left completely breathless for what seemed like eternity. My hurt pumping so hard I thought I would die and feared for my life.” That was the day her weight-loss journey began, the day she decided not to wait anymore to start caring more about her health and her body.

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