100-Pound Weight Loss With Keto Diet

How does she stay motivated? Christina said, “I make the choice. I look at where I was and choose to not go back. I look at my four kids and remind myself that they need a strong, healthy mom, and honestly, the gym is my therapy! They need me to work out so I’m a nicer mom!”

If you’re on your own weight-loss journey, Christina reminds you to “learn to love yourself in every chapter. So many people are so hard on themselves, but honestly, be proud you are taking the right steps. Love you right where YOU are!”

She knows moms find it really hard to take time for themselves, adding, “We harbor guilt any time we aren’t giving ourselves to our kids. Just keep in mind that taking care of yourself will prolong your life and make you more energetic and able to give more.” She insists, “It’s OK to go spend some time on you. You will be happier, which means your family will be happier!”

Christina admits, “I’m not anyone unimaginably spectacular. I am a mama and a wife, trying to be the very best version of me. If I can do it, anyone can! I still have days or even weeks that I just lose my drive, but that doesn’t define me — it makes me human. Go right now, go find a mirror, and tell the person looking back at you, ‘You are amazing, you are worth it, you can do this, and I will love you the whole way!’”


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