10 Diet Foods That Are Secretly Making You Fat

Some diet foods contain hidden calories which can lead to unnecessary weight gain

In times of fad diets, there are numerous diet foods trending not just on social media, but even in nearby supermarket. With rising incidence of obesity and overweight people, the demand for such diet foods has also increased tremendously in the past few years. However, while these diet foods claim to be low-fat and low-calorie, they might actually not be so weight-loss friendly. In this article, we talk about some foods which have been labelled as healthy but have the capability of causing weight gain. Keep reading…

10 diet foods that are secretly making you fat 

1. Fresh pressed juices

These are a rage in market these days. You can probably find various varieties of these pressed juices in grocery stores. Moreover, health experts suggest eating your fruits raw rather than drinking them in the form of juices. This is because drinking fruit juices will not give you the fibre that eating fruits will. In fact, it fruit juice consumption can contribute to excess calories and unnecessary weight gain in the long run.

Eat your fruits to get all the fibre and prevent weight gain
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2. Dried fruits

Dried fruits and nuts are undoubtedly a powerhouse of nutrients. But we have always suggested to not go overboard with their consumption if you want to lose weight as they are high in calories. It is very easy to overeat dried fruits and nuts, and thus, make sure you eat them in very limited amounts if you want to avoid weight gain.

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