​Sex Headaches: What Causes Headache During Sex?

There are three main kinds of sex headaches. One is fairly mild, starting as you get turned on. This kind of headache also causes pain that also affects your neck, too. While disruptive, it’s likely not serious. Some people find that analgesics like ibuprofen make these go away, says Dr. Reitano, but others will require prescription drugs. Though beta blockers are usually considered blood pressure meds, they can sometimes treat headaches, too. 

The second kind of sex headache is called a “thunderclap” headache. This kind of headache comes on during orgasm and can sometimes continue for several hours afterward. It’s generally much more painful that the first kind and requires immediate medical treatment, says Dr. Reitano. While this isn’t usually the case, a thunderclap headache can be a sign of a serious condition like a brain hemorrhage. Recurring thunderclap headaches can be treated with the same meds as the first kind.

About half of people who suffer from them also get headaches while they exercise, says Dr. Reitano. That gives us a hint to a potential cause: The headaches may just result from the rise in blood pressure that happens with physical activity—and yes, and as your rise in heart rate during sex shows, getting busy is considered a form of physical activity (Here are 6 totally innocent reasons why your blood pressure just measured sky-high).

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